News Round

A quick news (most of it late) summary from Hurkulaneum:

My story THOR GANG FOUR is in the latest issue of the Comix Reader (#5), available in all good stores but nowhere as good as Gosh! comics.

STALKER SHOE, previously only seen here, is now available to read on real paper in Off-Life #7.

Yeah...yeah...i sort of did sort of like, say a lot of....yeah, sort of... stuff when i spoke to the mad-nice Steve and Jack of the brilliant SOUTH LONDON HARDCORE but it was the first time i ever spoke to anyone about my comics and work -so i excuse myself!!! Also been uploading stuff on my Tumblr- mainly bits from my forthcoming book 'BAZOIK' from the Fancy Butcher press....and i foresee this here 'newsblog' going down the toilet soon, so if you're interested- i urge you to check me out on tumblr instead.
That was the news.

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