Happy new...yeah!?!
About 3 or 4 years ago i made a little 'Minder' Comic, i just dug up the original pages and decided to do a small 2nd printrun with all new cover(left).  There's nothing i don't love about the show-  writing, dialogue, characters, actors, locations, theme song, credits. Nothing i don't love. I challenge anybody to find something bad about it! (up until Terry McCann left, i mean).Issues of 'Minder' can be purchased from all bookstores* worldwide** from Monday.

On a Telly-Comics related note- The  Forbidden Planet Blog is featuring strips from me and Paul O'Connell's forthcoming (at Last) 'Look Out!' project, on the 1st of every month.
"Look out- it's LOOK OUT!" this month featured Krent's Banana Splits poster, Paul's 'Jamie and the magic Torch' (!) and my version of  'Magnum'.

*that sell comics
**as long as i can walk there

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