Zoological Gardens

"An open invitation across the galaxy: Allcomers welcome. See the NEW exhibit: Human swimmer in own natural habitat!" again and again. It sounded approximately every 10 earth-minutes, chillingly audible from within my plastic bubble, though everything else was muted and muffled. Each repeat of this cold announcement would like clockwork, bring a flurry of activity around my cell a few earth-minutes later. I restrained myself from looking out through the shiny plastic and returning the curiosity of these weird alien shapes that crowded around me. I refused to even look up at all and stared blankly into the tepid pool, thinking like mad about what my next move would be. I was sure of one thing- it would'nt be to swim! So they had their prize exhibit but they would have a dead human in their cheap little tank before they had a swimming one, that i could guarantee.

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