Black Icing

Productivity Report H010812-1:

As previously advised, upload output and generalized Hurkulanean activity has slowed to a barely pulsing dribble of posts . Forecasts predict this trend will continue and no marked rises are expected to occur until mid to late 2013.
However, work continues and by way of evidence- presented here is the quite recent and totally unseen traditional style comic strip 'Black Icing'.
Report ends.


Craig Collins said...

Ha! This is amazing and really funny! I love how you've done that curly hair.

But cupcakes are dead man, it's all about the cake-pops now. Or so I'm told...

Hurk said...

Thanks Craig!
Ha- i was actually thinking that about the cupcakes- thought whoopee-pies were the big thing but i'm obviously out of the loop when it comes to cake-trend politics!

Christine Larsen said...

Ha! This one is really great. There should be more pie charts in word balloons. I am glad you're leading the charge on that ;)

Hurk said...

Cheers Christine!
Yes i intend to pursue the area that will come to be known as '(sequential)Pie Art'.