3 more things

If you're free Tomorrow night (thursday!!!), wander down Lambs Conduit Street (near Great Ormand Children's Hospital/Holborn/Gt Russell) where there are a number of exhibitions in shops along the street, including the tailor's, an optician's - and an undertakers!

Mr Kevin Ward (with very minor input from me) has got a kind of illustrated story inside/outside The People's Supermarket, told using a combo of window display, box sculpture and comic-mural fruit stand. He'll be inside offering glasses of the People's wine from about 6pm-9pm.

Here's a facebook thing with more details:

Also friday is the launch of The Comix Reader #4 at Gosh! Details via facebook again Here
And then on Saturday, i'll be at the International Alternative Press ting with Kevin at the Fancy Butcher's table.


David Ziggy Greene said...

You a day ahead of the rest of us or ar we a day behind you?

Hurk said...

Ooh shit yeah it's only Wednesday!!!!? I'm like boogiedown productions- always ahead of the game! I amend now!