Crime Complete

'Allo Jack, howz ya back? i haven't seen ya for ears and ears and ears but i still nose ya! As we used to say. I 've not been around much have i? Studying, drawing and most importantly- building sheds have taken my time of late.
So i finished colouring my 'CRIME NO PAY' strip at last. Read the whole 12 pages  HERE.
I did it for Peter Lally's 'New Canterbury Tales' but i've since expanded upon this idea and this will stand as the first chapter in a big, big, long book i'm planning.
I thought twice about drawing any sort of cheesy MCA r.i.p thing but i had to mention it. Only a few weeks ago i found out that Guru of gang starr died of cancer about 2 years ago and then MCA sadly went the same way last week. Next someone's gonna tell me that Elvis has died or something!
I never liked the Beastie boys in the beginning- cos of all that 'punk'? style stuff. I even preferred the Fat boys to them- even wipeout. But hey me- fuck you! From Ill Communication onwards i was into them. Anyway i'm not going to go on like some big internet bandwagon blubberer but let it be noted that yeah- i thinks it's very sad.
And then Maurice Sendak too. And not so long ago Tony Hart...and Oliver Postgate...Is someone keeping a list somewhere?
On a lighter note- this new blogger dashboard and navigation is REALLY crap!


David Ziggy Greene said...

'this new blogger dashboard and navigation is REALLY crap!'
It is! I let them know too when they wanted feedback. Think they'll listen to me?

Krent Able said...

They give you the option to go back to the old dashboard if you want.
Lovely looking comic there, Hurk! Sweet colours.
ps. That first Beasties album rocks.

Hurk said...

Cheers! I never listened to it- i was a dumb purist back then, i might like it now though. Phew that's better, David- Krent's right, ya can change it back...click dat cog!

Joe Decie said...

I never liked Beasties, didn't sound like hip-hop to me. But Pauls Boutique is bloody brilliant hip-hop.