Cartoonin' For Beginerds- Lesson 2

Welcome back students, OK we have our new comic character and synopsis for the strip so lets get cartoonin'!
Wait. First things first- the tools of the trade.

"With a few graceful movements of the wrist i will spill the ninth art upon this page and set about warming the hearts of children, women and men...with my pen."

The famous quote handed down from generation to generation of comics creators since time immemorial. Yes the good ol' pen and pencil are our weapons of choice and do remember- tablets and computers are merely the favoured combo of stoned surfers.
Any pen will do. I use the Ballsy's 'Pigment-scribe 32' (with Musketeer Grip) but they are a little on the expensive side, can only be purchased from a single country in the world and... I'm not going to tell you which one! No, something like an Edding Fineliner is perfectly satisfactory for beginerds. NEVER use a brush and ink- they are for show-offs of the highest order!
Got your pen? Good. Pencil? Excellent. You will also need a ruler for drawing panels and to help with the task of lettering. There are 'lettering aids' on the market but those such as 'The BrainGames Guide' will at first seem indecipherable because in fact, they are! A practical joke played upon us humble comixers no less. A stationery supplies company produced these 'guides' to have a laugh on you and i- those dots actually mean nothing. Useless, and a real poke in the belly when ya just trying to line your words up right!
Okay, now grab some paper. The clotted cream of paper is 'Bristol board' but for now a slice of copier paper will suffice.
Now to get in the mood- music!
"The shapes we draw are the jazz of comics to come"
(Ornette Coleman in conversation with Rolf Harris, 1960)
Yes, for basic cartoonin' Jazz is the default background accompaniment- any amateur doodler will tell you that. But even as novices, you should want to push the envelope- through the letterbox-arse of conformity and blur the boundaries of comics, so skip the Trad stuff and select something cool but mind blowing. Bebop is fine but if you prefer more of a fusion, go for it. Please note if you are going 'off-genre' though, that listening to 'Heavy Metal' whilst 'toonin' will only produce twisted shit. So that is the final part of our preparation and your homework for this lesson- select an audio cassette to play as your background inspiration for the following lesson.
That's it for now, beginerds- Next week...we draw!

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