Cartoonin' for beginerds- Lesson 1.

The cops are on his trail, his feathered tail they're tryin to nail, but everyone will say "oh wow!", when they met their newest criminal pal-
B-A-D, who is he?
B-I-R-D, what THE?
it's Bad Bird, silly!
The banks are weeping at the loss, that bird robbin' their tryin' to stop, but unbeknownst to the cops, the queen is Bad Bird's boss!
(Repeat Chorus)
who's the sneeky geek in the room, with the beak leaking cigarette fumes, not to mention all them 4-letter curses?
Bad Bird, silly!!!! ....Hide your purses!

Always start off by thinking of a new cartoon character name and then quickly draw him. Or some people find it easier to do a quick drawing and let the character name come to them afterwards. That's it. Next make up a theme song. You don't have to be no Dick Shakespeare or Charles Darwin- Poetry and songwriting is not as hard as you think. A tit could do it. Think of your new comic strip as if it were, for example 'Captain Caveman' off the telly and write a song about it. This will encourage your subconcious to leak out ideas about your character's own personality, traits, occupation etc. This will lead to you starting to form situations which in turn will develop into stories for your new comic strip. I will expand upon this in lesson 2.
I will now just recap by going through my stage 1 design process for 'Bad Bird':
1: Drew a picture. He looks a bit greasy, has a tattoo on his neck and is supping human blood from a take-away soft drinks cup. so i...
2: ...named him 'Bad Bird' cos he looks like a bad egg and no mistake.
3: Wrote his theme song, straight off the dome- freestyle is best.
4: Started to make notes from 1,2 and 3.
5 Formed basic synopsis of 'Bad Bird'.
"The police department are always after the criminal vampire* bank robber bird but he is always too clever and alludes them every time. 'Bad Bird' as they call him is in reality a really nice avian, who is only stealing the money on the orders of the elderly queen so that she may continue to live in super-luxury. The 'blood drinking' is just a front to convey a 'hard as nails' persona to the public and police.
*If you aim to make your comic a successful 'webcomic', always include a vampire, a zombie or at the very least- a goth.

That is all for Lesson 1, Beginerds!

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