Royal Wedding Commemorative Plate

You! Grab one of these beautiful Royal wedding Commemorative Plates specially designed with a message from those that heartily dislike the idea of a monarchy (is'nt that illegal yet?).
In keeping with this type of memorabilia it is gloriously emblazoned with a gaudy and hardly even 3rd-rate 'caricature' of the lovely couple rendered in fine enamel and blue blood on highest quality porcelein by reknowned watercolourist and friend of the royals, Kennington steaqhuart.
Yours for just three hundred of your peasanty pounds. Order today to get yours in time for that big street party!


David Ziggy Greene said...

So good, I could eat my dinna off it.

Newman Cruise said...

is this a real thing you`re making?
I quite fancy one of them.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

I remember when I was a kid, a friend of mine's Spanish dad fancied himself as something of an amateur painter. He mainly used to paint butterflies (not very well) onto plates, but his masterpiece consisted of two plates hung above his mantelpiece that he did himself, one of Charles and one of (a ginger) Diana, both flanked by butterflies.

Kevin said...