Pre-Order Hive with Hurk in.

Lovingly produced US anthology 'Hive Five' from Grimalkin Press is now available to pre-order!
It's got a 13 page strip of mine inside. Excerpt on left gets bigger- plus it's the one i mentioned before ...and see Infomoton's first incarnation in sketchform here.
But better than that, it's got some proper top-notch cartoonin' business by these amazing folk too: Cole Closser, Chris Mostyn, Joe Decie, Reynold Kissling, Sam Sharpe, Box Brown, Andrew Waugh, Daniel Locke, Dax Delap, Jess Smart Smiley, Hawk Krall, Noah Van Sciver, Lilli Loge, Gary Fields, John Kinhart, Jonathan Baylis, T.J Kirsch, Thomas A. Boatwright, Danny Hellman, David Ziggy Greene, Curt Sibling, Blackdahlia, Lauren Barnett, Josh Blair, Nicholas Labarre, Dave O'Shell, Paola Gavira, Paul O'Connell, Laurence Elwick, Ed Choy Moorman, Eric Scrivner, J.B. Winter, Craig Collins, Iain Laurie, Gregory Benton. Just ten dollar!? VAI, COMPRA!!

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