The Butcher

This is the first page of a a quite long story (60ish pages?) i wrote ages ago about a cyborg butcher. I will upload the pages as and when i do them which will be not the most regular of occurences but i will stick them up here and on my Grandpapier page when i do.
I actually bought some charcoal especially- just to add a bit of texture to this. Had'nt used charcoal since school and it shows don't it.


Hurk said...

On second thoughts i think i may have to redo this page and change the character design- he looks a bit of a dick, not an idiot but like an actual 'John Thomas'as it were, don't ya think?!

Kevin said...

Haha! Oh well, so what if he's a dick? How about some Freudian Cliffs-notes to accompany it? I like the charcoal effect.

Russell Maycumber said...

Charcoal, looks good. Yeah so what, I like the andro-gene, screw tits dick references...Hes cocky, no?