The Invincible Iron Manager Vs Mr Mega

Here's a couple of test pages from my new mini-zine 'The Pocket Onager' which i mentioned briefly in the previous post. I'm using my long-winded, seperate layered, 1-colour-at-a-time, photocopier technique on the whole thing. It's not all red, yellow and black, it's pink and green too, sometimes all at the same time... wild-ass!
I'm trying out doing 5 different strips/projects at the same time on rotation. I spend what time i have of the day on 1 strip then no matter how much or little i've done, the next day i work on the next strip and so on. It's stopping me from getting bored and bogged down, if you have'nt got deadlines try it. (I won't have anything finished until 2015!!!)

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