Million Mile Man

Mucking about with the single colour settings on a colour photocopier to mimmick the offset/screen-printed look:
I did this that long uncomputerised way, you know- like this:
Get a page out of sketchbook, then get 2 seperate acetates (so i can trace around the image) and block the other 2 colours in with a marker. Copy the 'background acetate' several times in different colours. Feed these copies into the stack bypass tray of the machine and print the next acetate in a different colour onto them. Then do the same and copy the original linework drawing onto those in black (or another colour.) It'll never line up perfectly by doing this all by hand and that's the idea. I could just do it in photoshop but this, to me was a fun way of spending half an hour!! Note: This is not meant to be one those tutorials ya know, next i'll be sharing photos of my workspace and doing time-lapse videos of my 'process'!


Kevin said...

Ha! I still don't think I understand the process anyway- but I like it!!

Hurk said...

no it does'nt make sense the way i explained it does it, maybe i will have to make a 'how to video' (not really!)

Anonymous said...

Well cool. I think the top right and bottom centre ones work best, the mis-registering really adds to it.
It doesn't happen too often nowadays due to cheaper technology, but you used to be guaranteed to to get some lovely mis-registered colour pictures in the mirror & sun. Celebs with blue versions of their eyes on their cheeks..
Looking forward to the 'how-to' vid!
- Chalonj

Hurk said...

Cheers sir Chalonj,
yeah i like the pink with the red outline. Some of them newspaper print errors where pretty spectacular were'nt they!
ave a look at some wicked 4 colour print close-ups here: http://4cp.posterous.com/