Beefax Endpaper

(Lets not mention last night 'til we know what's what.)Here's the inside cover for my long overdue 'Beefax' picture book. There's only 20 in this initial run and each has a unique front cover. It will be possible to grip this in your greasy digits from the FancyButcher table at the upcoming London Zine Symposium.
Regarding other folk's books: Paul O'Connell & Lawrence Elwick's hopefully forthcoming 'Lil' books has got one of them Kickstarter things going on- everbody's doing it (though i don't know why this: "A US bank account and address are currently required to start a project and receive funds – although anyone, anywhere can pledge money." should be the case.) but anyway- this one is really worth backing, the books look sweet, perfect even! Donate here. And also Sean 'Paper Tiger' Duffield's anti-war book is well worth backing too. Donate here. Peace out!

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