Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased)

So i had this idea, what about LOOK-IN, remember that? what a great/shit mag that was ay! Maybe someone's done it already(?) but i thought it'd be fun to do a comic called 'Look out!' or something like that and do a load of 1-page strips of (un)classic British (and American)telly programmes, ay? Nah, i would'nt be too bothered about decent likenessses and all that- make the whole thing a bit abstract, you know.
So i did this- used my memory instead of photo-reference to get the likenesses, bad ay? Also a bit of a cheat as i think Randall & Hopkirk's too cool and a bit early for look in, but pencilled in for this amazing book were also:
Never the Twain, Carry On Laughing, Steptoe and Son, Hawaii 5-0, The New Avengers, The High Chaparall, Metal Mickey, The Good Life, Manimal, Airwolf, 'Allo 'Allo, Catweazle, The Champions, Please Sir!, On the Buses, Bergerac, Dempsey and Makepeace, Starsky and Hutch, The Cosby Show, Mork and Mindy, and Emu's Pink Windmill Club.
It was one of those ideas where for about a week i was 100% positively convinced that i was going to complete a whole book of TV strips, but like the lady off Coronation Street says..."will ee 'eck as like!"


Kevin said...

Nice. I have no idea what kind of random British television phenomenon that was (what? two guys trapped in some kind of board game purgatory?), but but your design makes for some sweet eye candy as usual: crispy wallpaper, creamy word balloons, minty fresh flashback.

Hurk said...

Two private dectectives, 1 dies comes back as a ghost who only the other one can see. You can tell he's a ghost cos he wears a white suit. He can't pick anything up but he masters the art of blowing stuff about. It's very good.

The Sound of Drowning said...

Never say never. You should do it....and maybe get OTHER people to do it as well. I know Sean Duffields been wanting to do some Dads Army and Carry On spoof comics. I'd do something for it as well, definitely. I reckon you could have a buit of fun with this if you felt so inclined!

Beezer B said...

Superbs. Man I'd like to see your non-photo-referenced Cosby Show strip.
I'm totally going to see Mrs. Huxtable on the stage in a couple of weeks (with Darth Vader).

Dom said...

I saw a couple of original Look-In covers at the comic mart yesterday. Horrible Freddie Starr effort and a pretty mind-blowing Alvin Stardust.

My favourite Look-In strip was the Adam Ant highwayman one. I wish someone would put out a collected edition of that. Even better, I wish that you would draw it!

Hurk said...

S.O.D: That was my original idea but i'm not very confident at organising anthologies. The fact that you'd be up for it though makes me think it might be worth it afterall. It would be fun.

Beez:Yeah i walk past that theatre everyday and blimey, Clare doesn't look a day older!!

Dom:I forgot about those stories- There was a really long boring one about Bucks Fizz wasn't there. Cheers!