Bedeteca De Lisboa

If you're ever in Lisbon, which you should be, you can now stop by and read 'Meat Hill' HERE.
They have shelves and shelves full of mainstream, alternative and small press comics from Portugal and the rest of the world that you can just sit about and read. I looked at some extra nice Portuguese and French stuff that i'd never seen in the paper-flesh before and the people in there are really nice 'n friendly.
Why don't we have a Bedeteca/comics library in London? We don't do we???? Do we!?
Obviously a library differs from a cartoon museum or comic shop in that you cannot buy the books but are welcome to read or even borrow them, which is really nice aint it.

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Bob Byrne said...

Man thats mad, Im going to Lisbon tomorrow and just popped on your blog. Cheers for the heads up