Dear Reader...

... just a quick note to let (both of) you know that despite, no- the reason, for me not posting for exactly a month is that i've been extra busy drawing 3 comics at the (not literally)same time- with Meat Hill part two 3/4 finished and about to come off the back burner.
Looking back to January 08, i was predicting Meat Hill 2 would be finished by March 08!! HA HA! Chuckle!(i'm Trying to counteract this LOL and LMAO bullshit by bringing back expressions of laughter like 'titter', tee-hee', 'gufaw','Ho Ho' and maybe even 'Hoot!')
I've also got 2 picture books finished and available soon at the Fancy Butcher(more about them when they're out).
So apart from no Junkyard Raid this month, it's all gravy boats on a sea of mash and i'll be back with a post later in September.