I did this for the very enjoyable 'Covered' blog. Check it out next to the brilliant original version HERE.
Meanwhile...Lordhurk.com has had a spruce-up. If you look in the brand new Handography section, you can find a few pages of the now completed (yet to be released)picture book 'BEEFAX', in which i illustrated a 'poem' by my amigo Digby Vesuvius (street)'poet'.


Turok Reader said...

oh smart,
I often look at this blog.
Yours is certainly one of the standout artifacts on there.
How did you get that? Did they approach you or did you just send something along?

Hurk said...

Thanks. Anyone can submit:

Tom Crowley said...

That's great! I remember liking Covered ages ago then being a doofus and losing the link. What a nice reason to go back! Great work.