Odd Hour Over!

I've quit trying to finish my 'Odd Hour' book as per my new rules (Section 5, regarding ironing out wackness), it's cover (as i predicted) now resides in 'Comics wot never Was'. The time i'm saving from this is being put to good use on better projects. The part that i think was alright is the story 'Lay a little egg for me' which i am going to put up here in 5 daily 2-page instalments starting on Monday 1st of June.


the firmament said...

Hi there - are you interested in submitting a colour page or so to the Alternative Press Anthology?? The deadline is end of the month (ie 3 days). So, at this stage, have you something you've already done that you'd be happy to submit? Enjoyed your Minder comics - bleedin' hell Arfur, who wouldn't!

Here's what's going on:

good luck

Hurk said...

Cheers Firmament. Might be a cutting it a bit fine mightantit? I'd like to, if i have 1 or 2 pages finished that are any good then i'll submit.