Flower-Rangers Prototype

Hello no-one, i've just been using some sketchbook junk to put together a picture book called 'Flower-Rangers'(i don't know why, i've got better things to take care of), who knows what they do...they're sort of mighty morphin flower arrangers.
Are they Eco-Warriors? All i can say is Dafodil has a bad attitude and Tulip (the Chief) is bang into drawing nude lady vampires when he shoud be chiefing!
And who has'nt got a Special Magic Nana???


Kevin said...

Beautiful! It would be fantastic if SR could feel a bit like this- re-printed treasure trash from the future! I'm very fond of the red & black. and the lettering of course, and the whole flowery crew. Another of the same, please.

Hurk said...

Yeah, i really like those SR mock-ups you did with the spot colours- the sort-of-turquise and the yellow. They worked! This paper is nice but they only seem to sell it in multicoloured packs.