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This i wrote in my sketchbook a while ago: To become a 'great cartoonist': score 100 points. How? For each piece of work produced*, mark it 1 point for each of these: Art, Writing, Lettering & Graphic Design, if a marked improvement is shown in that area from the previous piece of work. Then 1 month later+, A: If you are still VERY pleased with it overall, then give it 1 bonus point. Or, B: If there is something that particularly jars, ie: some really crap lettering that was originally awarded a point, then that point may be revoked.
So for each piece of work a maximum of 5 points can be scored and a minimum of 0 (Though in extreme cases when something produced is really bad in some area, then points could be deducted. This should never happen though as wackness should be ironed out in the production process or the project scrapped before completion).
*A 'piece of work produced' is either a self-published book or a comic strip put online, no illustrations.
+Usually my self-satisfaction with a published book rapidly declines from 'pleased' on day it's completed, to 'disinterested' a few weeks later. So 1 month after is a good gauge.

I gave myself an average mark of 50 to start, which i still think is fair. So i could be up there with the comic book greats (talked of by people involved in the 'arts' and minutely mentioned in such lofty literary leaflets as the Sunday papers!) in just 10 books time if i give it 100%.
This all means NOTHING of course but i sort of like the idea of the whole game.
This picture is from my new book which is almost completed, more on it later but i reckon it could get me up to 53 at least!

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Beezer B said...

Fuck yeah. That picture is all kinds of action and perspective and foreground/background all in one go. And black white and red. The three best colours for stuff.