It's my 21st! Yes, my 21st self-published 'book' of some sort. URGENT TELEX is 40 pages thick and includes my 'Glass Chops' strip that i entered for the last Observer competition along with a longer previously unpublished story and some other bits and pieces all wrapped up in a hap-hazard 2-colour screen-printed cover. Limited edition of 50 numbered copies.
Instead of a full list of stats, i'll summarize by rating this comic 92 (1 being 'i made no effort' and 100 being 'this was the best comic i could have made to my ability at this time and with my limited means'). Pick it up in real-life at GOSH or online at the FANCY BUTCHER.


Turok Reader said...

good god.
I`ve got a lot of catching up to do at only 8 books.

Anonymous said...

Will this be in Gosh tomorrow?



Hurk said...

Wotcha Dom,
it will be in Gosh 'tomorrow' (Thursday), i took a rare saturday trip uptown and dropped them off then.

Jon- they might not all be great but they are 21 in all- http://www.lordhurk.com/page4.htm

mr wheatley said...

woo ive got number 10. and a fine thing it is too.

Hurk said...

Cheers Mr W, Glad you recognise its finesse.