Linocut print abandoned!

I've abandoned this cover for my previously unmentioned latest new comic! No wonder linocut is an old-fashioned way of doing things- it takes ages and the results are rubbish. Although my attempt was'nt really whole-arsed or even half-arsed, it was more quarter-arsed so i got the results i deserve. Outstanding results can be achieved if you do it properly but i've quit and instead i dusted off the unused screen-printing stuff i bought in 1999 and spent all last night 'hand-pulling'. Then i thought i better get cracking on the screen-printing! The comic will be buyable later this month. Straight up! Honestly this one is in the holdall, mack.


Kevin said...

I love the new comic Hurk- the screenprinted cover is fantastic! It has such a nice feel to it. The stories are good and mad as ever. I really like that teeth one where they pull themselves out. Incredible. And that creamy green graph endpaper looks lovely next to your black object page too- some nice design action there.

So what's the ELOI drawing club?

Hurk said...

Cheers Mr.K- the teeth one was my Observer effort and the ELOI drawing club is just some made-up shit.