Jellied ills

Another cover from a comic wot never woz! (Or will it?) Sad news, first it was The great Oliver Postgate and now Tony Hart! Somebody should put Brian Cant in a house-sized glass jar- he must be protected at all costs. *edited due to de ja vu.


Beezer B said...

Looks eel.

I got your Minder comic btw, it's great. Even better than the new Shane Richie Minder series, if you can believe it??!!!??111/??!!!

Hurk said...

All praise is due to Janet Roque on that one. She reckons she might do either a comic about Arthur lowe and John Le Mesurier or a tribute comic to the Cosby Show next!

Dom Sutton said...

"a tribute comic to the Cosby Show"

I just pissed my pants with excitement!