Glass Chops

Here is an excerpt from my entry to this year's OBSERVER GRAPHIC SHORT STORY (comic) COMPETITION. (Blogger is inverting some of the colours, i don't know why) It's spread over 48 panels so instead of putting it all up here, i am going to self-publish it in a comic in the new year. People (2 so far) are linking to their entries here.
I like this competition because it makes my brain go through a krypton-factor assault course of feelings. Which i was going to detail but I'll shorten it to:
"I'm gonna win this!/I might come 2ND!/I probably haven't got a chance of coming 2ND!/i didn't come 2ND!/I'm shit!/Same as last year!"
Of the winners, i like this one best.
I am going to offer myself this advice for next year:
Nothing too fantastical, keep at least one foot in the world in which we live and if you're not prepared to get into that autobiography that everyone likes, 'go Basil' and mention a war. Nothing says 'serious comic' quite like a war does. Oh and learn to bloody draw proper ya div!!

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Beezer B said...

Maaan, they don't know they're born...

Looks swelll.