Small-Press Feeling

Coming soon (or will it end up as a 'Comic wot never was'???) my next comic- THE ODD HOUR (Cheers for the name, Kevin), see previous post for what it's all about.I feel a bit out of the small-press loop these days. Comica's 'Comiket' happened at the weekend which means it's a year since i sat behind a portion of trestle table with my comics on it.

It was after the first Comiket that i decided i wouldn't be doing that convention-type thing anymore (though i was never as dedicated at exhibiting at or attending these things as many creators admirably are). It was the nicest one i had been to for a while, it was a 'cosy' size and i semi-enjoyed it. I came to the realisation though, that i was not cut-out for selling, not a born salesman, a natural conversationsmith or a smooth-rapport-rator.
I met some friendly folks behind and in front of the tables but i always got a head ache and the sitting around all day was too much. I couldn't even apply myself to passing the time by drawing because i became too self-conscious. And there was all the familiar stereotypicalities of a comic convention that i had to endure too. In short- i like drawing 'em but selling 'em and pushing 'em......?

And so for now, I could say my comics are 'very rare'. Most of them appearing for only a short period of time, solely in a tiny crag of one solitary comic shop in this dusty and damp old town we call London. Indeed, the difference between this comic being 'self-published' and condemned to the aforementioned 'comics wot never was' is so fractional that if you manage to own this 'exceedingly good' book, then consider yourself lucky indeed!

STOP PRESS: THIS looks good.


Nathaniel Metcalfe said...

Hey thanks for linking to my new website. Much appreciated. Do you fancy doing a poster for the next one of something?

Hurk said...

Of course! Sorry i haven't made it there yet, the last one was on Dolores' birthday and midweek is hard babysitting-wise. But see you there soon.

Turok Reader said...

smallpress culture is in the UK frankly a bit depressing is it not? And that`s from one of it`s best proponents. There`s some magic there but you have to dig. Overall the quality is atrocious. Those events confuse me too. It would be nice if there was a genuine buzz. i think there is, but it`s just amongst a different part of the scene, you know, that Camden lot with the embarrassing videos on Youtube.
I still think Herc needs more exposure in a different place. I would recommend targetting magazines which might run a page of comics a month, not necessarily comics anthologies. What do you reckon?

Turok Reader said...

plus save me one of those.

Dom said...

Hello Lord Hurk

I was at Comiket. Was hoping that you and the folks behind Sound of Drowning would be there. You weren't and they were at lunch when I arrived! Oh well.

Re the new comic, can't wait



Hurk said...

i never thought i would see Mr PG himself doing a funny dance on youtube- even if it was against his own will!
Yeah! i do need to expose myself in different places.
I will send you one with all that other stuff. No- i will!

Hurk said...

Oh well maybe our paths will one day cross in Gosh! I sat next to Paul from the sound of drowning last year- he is a real nice fellow.