MINDER- New comic-book out now!

Now available exclusively from GOSH comics, London for a mere quid and a half- 'MINDER (Arfa and Terry in their own comic at last!)' is a 20 page A6 size, comic-book tribute to the classic British TV series of the 1980s. Fulham's finest small-businessman and his minder, the ex-boxer Terry McCann in a lovingly crafted caper that fits nicely inside any wideboy's inside overcoat pocket- next to all the dangling replica rolex.
Cover art by me and interior art by 'Janet Roque', it's not 'arf bad unless you never liked the TV series, in which case you won't like the comic!


Beezer B said...

Really looking forward to this. I heard a review of it that said it was like real episode of Minder and that Janet Roque is a real talent. I believe a copy is winging its way to my rural retreat as I type.

Hurk said...

Hope you enjoy it! Yeah i'm sure Janet will become the it-girl of the UK underground.