Name that book!

I've been trying to finish this comic for a while. It's inspired by 'Tales of the unexpected' and 'Twilight Zone' type stories. Maybe it's like a stupid version of them golden age horror comics that i've never read but would like to.
This is a panel from it(the comic will be B/W though). Thing is, what's a good name for it? After consulting the thesaurus, i clocked that all possible comic titles containing alternatives for the word 'strange' have been exhausted and 'theatre' does'nt give me anything new either. All i can think of is:
Wah? Theatre, WTF? Theatre, House of Peculiar,Peculiar Theatre, Cave of Weird
If anyone can come up with a suggestion from the above or something new with which to name it, i would be well grateful.


Turok Reader said...

`house of peculiar` sounds Hurkish.

Kevin Ward said...

Yeah House of Peculiar is good. Maybe doesn't quite roll off the tongue, but funny in its awkwardness.

I was walking around town yesterday and wrote these down:
The Odd Hour
The Nightly Telegraph
Cosmic Manor
The Teleporter
Hotel Crypto

Hurk said...

Kevin, all those are brilliant espesh the first 2- you've been on a roll for thinking up good titles for about 3 years now.