I Dror Wunts Agen!

Well it's been a bit longer than i intended. It's true what they say about becoming a parent, those famous lines- "You WELL won't have time for drawing anymore and especially no time to make stupid comics!" It's good though, and i've started getting a bit of time to do stuff at work, filled up a sketchbook on the train and fing like that! THIS: Iron Cyclops Versus Mighty Metal Minotaur (at Ker-Plunk!)


Kevin Ward said...

Ha ha- Ker-plunk! What a game. They must have "invented" it to get rid of some leftover marbles.

Loving the colours in this one. Nice trees too! There's something about those electric blue lines- would make a nice pattern on cloth.

I think you should draw a poster for The Robot Parade next.

Turok Reader said...

welcome back,
me too as well, I`ll be updating Leiston blog soon.

Hurk said...

Thanks, high-praise indeed from the 'Treemaster' himself!i am now drawing a Robot Parade poster!