Silky Surfa

This is a mock-up cover for what it would look like IF the 'Silky Surfa' had his very own mini-comic! Thanks to Mr Ollie for a very nice little review of MEAT HILL part1 over HERE

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Special K said...

Ha ha- Love it! I didn't mention it yet but MeAt Hill part 1 is great! It's energetic and funny with lots of nice little details. You've really got this city mapped out in your mind don't you?

At first I thought the story jumped forward too quickly but i soon figured out i just needed to catch up with the manic energy of it. i love the little stories within the story like commodore smog's daydreams while making the delivery. it's nice when there's an occasional larger panel to vary the tempo and catch a breath between swer-doopa-skoopa-dippy-wah-wahs.