Mods... in... Spaaaaaace!

Practice piece experimenting with texture. Bit of a crap drawing- if he really was a mod from space, he would'nt need wheels on his scooter would he. And why is he wearing chef's trousers?
Following on from my previous mention of Desert Island Discs i'm not a list-geek or anything but i can say for definate that 3 of the records i would have with me would be Michael Jackson's 'Off the wall', De la Soul's '3ft high and rising' and The Small Faces' 'Ogden's nut gone flake'(a mod classic- which links these words to the picture- Clever!). They are all you need, and they all link to each other in a way.


Special K said...

i see a t-shirt! or maybe a tie?

Tom Crowley said...

Silence with your 'crap drawing', it is very nice. Like the texture work in it too, very fitting.

Also, cheers for the comment! It's a brush pen I'm using at the moment, and the idea with the blue pencil is that it disappears when you scan it in on 'line art' setting. However, I did colour scans since it's just sketchbook stuff.