Did this a little while ago, it's a load of the images from the little 'Lixo' book i did all overlapped. I was thinking of getting it printed as A2 posters.
Meanwhile i had a 'Sampliphany' the other week- that's the feeling you get when you hear a piece of dialogue or music that you only know from a sample; in it's original context for the first time. I had'nt had one for years. I always knew that the words "Naturally you did'nt know i was wearing my special super thermal v-long underwear" from the track 'Marvelous drawers' by Cash Money & Marvelous was sampled from an episode of the 60's Batman TV series, but it was'nt 'til the other week that i actually saw and heard the original and it hit me like electrical frost. Wah!


Beezer B said...

Outstanding. Put me down for a poster.


I get those "Sampliphany"s a whole lot but rarely with dialogue. It's mostly short stretches of piano or something.

The weirdest is hearing obscure early 80s rap tunes that are pretty nondescript except for featuring one sentence or word thats been cut up on rap tracks ever since. It's like that little snippet exists in your head as a whole object and you can't let it go back into being part of a larger whole. Weird.

Hurk said...

Yeah those little 2-word ones! Can't think of any off the dome but yeah!
Once i knew some kids in 1988 who saw the monkees singing 'mary mary' on their tv show on saturday morning and the next day these kids were saying how the monkees were biting RUN DMC's song...how did they think that could happen!?