Mighty Minotaur

Here's a new character i've been drawing when bored. Not sure if he should be a plain old superhero, a fighter-pilot (here advertising his own brand of chewy viagra), or a mysterious rooftop gargoyle-pincher. He wears a mask to hide his goofy half-man, half-bull face. There's also another couple of ideas HERE


Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Hurk's got wood.

These are, like your Cubey piece, stunning. I'm blown away, man.

stupidmonster said...

He looks way cool in his plane!

I thought maybe he had a hoof for a face.

Hurk said...

Cheers chaps. To clarify, these are mostly drawn on brown paper but i do intent to draw some more on wood. But yeah, i got wood anyway!

Beezer B said...

I like him a whole lot.

He is a renaissance man, for sure?

Nathaniel said...

Mighty Minotaur rules!