King Midas

The Observer short graphic novel comic strip story sequential art competition has finally been judged. You can see the winners HERE as well as some worthy entrants. Also all the 'losers' can post links up and there's some mad nice stuff been done.
I got it well wrong, thought there was a 1-page limit. I also thought i was in the 1950's or something and assumed it had to be in black n white on paper and not use computers! What a dick! This was my entry, based on a tiny mini-comic i did a few years ago.

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Myfanwy Nixon said...

The page guidelines were really difficult to decipher in my opinion. I actually wrote to ask for clarification and the message was that anything that'd fit on an Observer page would be ok; the A4 bit was just for ease of circulation around the judges. So no-one got it wrong as such, other than not knowing quite what style the judges would go for, I guess.