Bella Supa-soca

Agent supa-soca, not the tropical rhythm but the top-end item of the water pistol price-range 'cos REAL guns are bad for us all.
I think i'm gonna stop using that brush pen and go back to the more time consuming 'ultimate line' TM. The Batman film (the 60's one, the best) is on telly right now!


Special K said...

you got some beautiful stuff going here, herc. this one looks brazilian to me. i'm gonna send your link to ollie's journalist friend in sao paulo.

i really got into the red/black/white on brown with the fur trap stuff. now i'm seeing a dual-action flip-over h-side/k-side brownbread r&b (red&black) a6 "paper cassette" in the library of my imagination. if drawn on white and printed on brown kraft paper from paperchase, this could be done most economically and sold in all fine stores. although the red would get darker... hmm. maybe printed on white.

lovely stuff though. great.

Hurk said...

Cheers, the cassete's a good idea-printed on white and trimmed...i can see it too, i'll mail you!