Egor Junior

What with no internet at F.W Dayjob & Co. Ltd, at quiet times it's turned into a snidey sketchbook jamboree. I started filling up one of those nice Moleskine sketchbooks; which are handy for carrying but the paper inside really sucks the ink from all pens and makes it look dark grey instead of black. Probably better for pencils really.
So this is a page from there, coloured on sick mac. It's another front cover for a 'comic what never was' (or never will be) about the son of 'Egor' who has been adopted by Dr Frankenstein's son, leading to much humour being drawn from this tense situation, very much in the style of 'Steptoe and Son'. Or something like that!?


Jon Chandler said...

yeah those Moleskins look cool but they are crap for ink.
The only thing that worked in there for me was that pen from David Mathews that you thought was a bit too quick. That's what that Barefoot Knight story was done in.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

This comic needs to be made! If only for me to read it!
Lovely colours, and what great rain Mr Hurk!
Also, more sketches please! There must be more where this came from - your moleskin pad.