Damage Report

Ipod x1...DEAD
Printer x3...DEAD
Computer x1...SICK
Internet access @ F.W.Dayjob & Sons Ltd x1...DEAD

Normal Service will hopefully be resumed shortly...


Beezer B said...


That is rough.

Mr A. P. Salmond, esq. said...

That's some serious bad luck!

Jon Chandler said...

Nah it's not so rough, it's accomplished ... oh rough in a kind of Tim Westwood way? ;-p

Hurk said...

i think Beezo meant the events were rough, he wasn't saying the painting was 'hot-ta-def'!

Jon Chandler said...

yeah I know, I was just being a cheeky monkey.

actually I'm kind of looking forward to have no computer and to just draw and sketch for a while when I get to Japanland.