Dr Beatboctopus

This is what happened when i went down to paint at BEATROUTE last month. Left is the sketch and Right is the painting on a 7 or 8 ft high board. I was mildy unhappy with it and the fact that lazyboy me did'nt wash my brushes properly before hand and ended up with black smears in the yellow didn't help.
Afterwards i noticed that what was meant to be a sonic aural 'v' of beatbox, looked more like a double golden piss-shower. Anyway, i had a good time and plenty of b-boy action was to be had.


Jon Chandler said...


Jinja said...

Clerks 2:
"We like to call it inter-species erotica."

Have Camboland goodies for you, please to drop me a line!

- J

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Maybe it was all a bit Fruedian. An ejaculation of sound. Makes me think McDonalds too, which fits with the lower bodily functions motif.
Great stuff, as always!

Hurk said...

cheers, it reminds me of a logo too, maybe 'yorkshire television' or something?

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Wow, yeah! Funny the things we lock away in our heads! That was the 80's!