Blues Breaks ipod

This year i decided that i liked the blues, some of it anyway.
I had been enjoying a good bit of Bukka White, Sonny Boy Williamson(#1), Sonny Terry & Brownie Mcghee- that sort of thing, when my ipod suddenly had a fit and died.
I called onto the scene, the world's 2nd coolest Quincy- Quincy M.E, and he could only suggest i perform a jazz fusion transfusion to bring it round.
I tried- not even the Mahavishnu Orchestra worked. So it's back to minidiscs or tapes for me. Gawd!


Beezer B said...

Someone should commision you to do the covers for a series of Blues CDs.

The above picture is ridiculous.

Sorry about your ipod. If you take it down Apple store they can sometimes sort you out or offer a cheapish replacement/refurbished joint.

Jon Chandler said...

I've got some wicked blues to lend you - remind me!

Jon Chandler said...

It's not ridiculous - it's really good - oh ... I see, like Tim Westwood would say.

yeah you should make a few more and send it to record companies - hey you could try Fat Possum - I was going to lend you some of their stuff actually.