Big Daddy Volkane

I can reveal that my FACA3 warrior was Big Daddy Volkane who got smooshed in the second round by winner of the division 'Lord Harm'.
I was'nt around to do any fighting talk and i paid the price.
Fuckin' next time!


Beezer B said...

I totally got left behind by the larger format FACA. Didn't understand the plot and thought you and Kevin had drawn wholely other characters and never saw your actual ones at all. Odd.
I like BDVK though. He's excellent and his bones are the colour of the skeletons that hang in classrooms rather than the colour of bones in living peoples. Yest!

Hurk said...

As good an idea as the tournament is, i think on this occassion it was a bit too lengthy. Judging by the amount of comments on the first round compared to the last round, it seems like people lost interest. I sort of lost track too.
Kevin's was 'Boite De Boom'.
The next one is a 3 man tag team- 2 fighters and a manager!

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

He lost because his insides are exposed.

Hurk said...

He's a volcano- he don't need no insides plus he's undead anyway AND because he is rooted to the ground, he always fights on home turf! All these things, i thought would add up to an invincible warrior.
You should enter the next one.

Jon Chandler said...

i'm still amazed at this design every time i see it you loon

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

yeah, that lava looks HOT!