Back To The Drawingboard!

After a short holiday in good old Lisboa, i'm back at the drawingboard and doing stuff. Guttingly, while i was away i missed some critical action in Sam hiti's FISTACUFFS tournament and worse, i missed ABitNice's Starsky & Hutch ARTSQUEST!
Furthermore the couple of Tonys that have been keeping 'abitnice.com' alive for the last year have decided to knock it on the head. Which is 'abitsad.com'.
Tony Hype will continue to rock yo' eyes at his blog HERE though, and Agent Chalonj, i reckon he must be planning some bad-ass undercover type shit!


Jon Chandler said...

On the shelf:
EXPO 2001 has a strip by CF in it I think. Along with 2000's Brinkman strip I had my mind blown.
I recoiled for a lot of years and almost wished I had never seen them.

Hurk said...

Well spotted, yeah it has- they're the best things in it. Did you notice the ninja book stretching up from the top of the bookcase and out of shot where it touches the ceiling?