Tattooed Lady #4

By special request...Here's a picture of Amy Winehouse, the only and the last 'real'-life person to be featured in this special month of tattooed ladies. (for proper tabloid effect, i shoulda inserted a descriptive triplet before her name, choosing a word from each of the following piles:
nasal, loud-mouthed, foul-mannered, swear-mongering, skeletorian
beer-swilling, tanked-up, super-loutish, bar-brawling, man-bird,
chanteuse, songstress, popstrell, soul-crooner, alcho-pup)


Anthony Hope-Smith said...

Just keeps getting better!
I like her flowers.

Anonymous said...

D'oh, I thought I'd left a comment yesterday, but didn't (or has it been held up in blogqueuetypething??) Anyway, well done Hurk, you've captured the maddening beauty of North London's finest and made her my favourite tattooed lady (sorry Mutya!)