Paper Tiger #4

The comics anthology Paper Tiger #4 which i mentioned a few months back is out NOW. It has 3 pages by me inside as well 97 other great pages, plus postcards and a 21 track CD of music for your ears! Get it HERE.
Someone finally asked me to design a skateboard deck! The little fairy fella at the bottom of my garden who claims to be the king of that shit requested a custom deck and i obliged. Non-Believers hold tight and i'll try to get some proof, like THIS sort of thing.


spleenal said...

This is all great stuff.
I really like the skateboard.
Was it a little toy you bought and modified?

Hurk said...

Thanks a lot.
Like i said, some little fairy gave it to me, i reckon he got it from a cracker or something.

Anonymous said...

Boss deck, dudE!