F.A.C.A 3

The 3rd tournament is underway over at Sam Hiti's FISTACUFFS blog. It's kicked off with a 'battle-royale' type affair and then after that the main tournament gets underway on Mon 28th.
I am in the main event but i'm not allowed to say who my fighter is. The rules have changed and the creators have to remain anonymous to achieve a level playing field- which is a good move i think.

So check it out and vote for YOUR personal favourite!


Beezer B said...

Ah see you're using a different style from last time. I think Kevin is going to win (assuming I've IDd him right). Higher level this time I think.

Hurk said...

i can't say anything about that incase i get banned!!
Do you know for sure if Kevin's in it? I thought he missed the deadline. i'll keep my eye out.

Anthony Hope-Smith said...

There is one that could be either you or Kevin. There is bits of both of you in there. Other than that one, i'm stumped!

Hurk said...

Don't worry who's done what, just vote for your favourite in each battle, and remember- the main event consists of northern, eastern, southern and western divisions. Only the Southern matches are running at the moment, so there's a lot more fighting to come!