Earth Destroyer

Space probes orbiting Enceladus, one of Saturn's Moons, have sent back this Enceladurian tabloid weekly. Though somewhat crumpled and written in an unknown alien tongue(probably Enceladurian); science people have discovered that it proclaims this chap to be the 'earth destroyer' who is gonna make us pay for polluting our atmosphere and space in general- 'cos it's just not cricket.
The government has started to encourage us to recycle more and at the same time theres all these free papers flying about. The Metro, London Lite, The London Paper etc, how many of those are forced onto people by the publishers and then left all over the place on public transport every day? Maybe they're recycled but i bet they all end up in the bin.


Jon Chandler said...

Another ace picture! I wish I could grasp colours as well as you do.

Hey we had an awesome Hokusai bok turn up at the shop. I want to get another one in for you. There's great clouds in it.

As for recycling. Yeah those fuckin papers, also known as Papier Mache wehn it rains. In america they'd already be sued out of business by people saying they've slipped and hurt themselves. Apparently those papers were given three weeks to stump up some millions to install recycle bins because at the moment there's so many tonnes going in landfill every day. Do you read those papers? Don't. They'll rot your fucking brains out. They really are full of disgusting worthless journalism. Much better to look out the window of the bus.

Don't panic if you didn't get a new Cubey thing together in time. I'm still going to be putting it together for a few weeks anyway, and I'm going to use the ele pic that you gave me so you'll get your name in there even if you are too busy to get something new together.

Hurk said...

If you could get me one of those books in that would be mad splendid.

I hadn't heard they'd been made to do something about their toilet papers, they should be held responsible.
I don't read those papers, infact i still don't read ANY newspapers, we have the worst press in the entire world and it is rotting all our brains out. No joke.

I've seriously tried that idea i had for the cubes, but it's not happening. Sorry about that but thanks for including my drawing.
I'm well looking forward to it.

Hurk said...

P.S: Chandler senior's cube strips is what I'm most in anticipation of!

Jon Chandler said...

yeah there's some nice work in there but Senior C is the jewel in the Crown of this one for sure.