Dingrap #2

Here's Dingrap #2, another line from another classic rhyme! Do you get it?
I've decided that June is TATTOOED LADY MONTH at Hurkulaneum, so as of next week it'll be bare girls with illustrated bods, well not bare-naked, just a lot of them, well not that many but that's all there'll be- so keep 'em peeled.


Jon Chandler said...

"Just say what you see"
"any idea"
BWEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOOP (Catchprase sound for the buzzer being pressed down, which is a bit unfair for the far person because the light has further to go. It was cool watching how people think that if they hit it harder then it will go quicker).
"Anyone, no ideas? Okay, hands back on the buzzers please."

Hurk said...

Like when you have to hit that thing at the fair ground hard enough for the little thing inside the thing to hit the bell at the top of the thing. Actually i've never seen one it real life, just in films and stuff.

Tim said...

Cruisin' for a bruisin',I'm talkin' no crap
Pipe bomb in my trunk,got a nine in my lap

Hurk said...

Shit, i did'nt think it was that easy. Tim is right, from 'Drama' from the album 'Power' from the world's toughest Tracy, Ice T!
Well done Holmes, you must be in his Rap School or something!

Tim said...

I didn't have many records back in the days. Where I used to live, one was lucky to even find an Ice T album. Thus my choice was pretty much limited to P.E. or Cube or T. But life got better. Eventually.


Hurk said...

Glad it did. I went in a big group to the isle of Man about 20 years ago and we met these kids who were into hip hop but they could'nt get hold of anything there. They did'nt even have anything coming out the radio, all they could rely on was mates in other parts sending 'em tapes. We promised we would but none of us ever did and i still feel a bit bad about that!