Let's Get It On!!

Check out the 'DELEGATES OF PAIN' tag-team in the new tournament that's just kicked-off over at FISTACUFFS!
Competition is stiff as a wooden dick, bloggers cast your votes!


beezer said...

You and Kevin are taking on all comers like an royale rumble.

I on the other hand am listening to JUMP by Van Halen.

Hurk said...

Thanks to those that were able to vote, we started out good with The Human Sparkler giving our opponents electrocution lessons and Burdoch's spikey balls swung hard but there's been a sudden shift and Beauty Pageant have surged ahead.
Only 2 days left, looks like we're going down. We'll get 'em next time ay Kevin!

Beezer B said...

You got knockout! :-(

You wered robb!

Hurk said...

We got taken out, beauty pageant had too...too...too...much posse!
Will Kane advances to the second round though, and he's up against Sam Hiti...warm it up Kane!

Special K said...

Boo!! We could have been a contender.

Cody the cannibal said...

Hey I really dug your team and was sorry to see you go! I hope to meet you in battle next time.