Comics what never was!!

I was spring cleaning the memory banks of SENTINEL ONE yesterday. I dug out some old comic covers that would'nt exist if a version of me from the future had appeared back then and advised me never to start a book with the front cover and to fuckin' get on with drawing the inside pages instead.
I've stuck them up on my Flickr HERE.


Kevin said...

makes you think of all those parallel dimensions of comic capers we're missing from the other hurks. i almost wrote capades instead of capers there. what is a capade anyway? are there any capades other than ice capades? another mystery to ponder.

i can totally relate to the making of covers for non-existant stories though. i keep notes for titles of unwritten stories too. it's probably a jinx and something to avoid, but sometimes it's like the whole thing almost exists in the mind before you even start it, doesn't it? then it's like you're documenting or remembering it from somewhere else instead of making it up from scratch. i've definitely had the feeling of needing to feel that it exists in its own complete little universe before i can start a new story.

Nathaniel said...

Also escapades...