Lordhurk Update

I just kicked off a new gallery on lordhurk.com, check it out HERE.
If you look, one of the pics is of the back cover of Trevorgus and the lady on the left really reminds me of the Legendary Frank Muir, can anyone else see what i'm talking about??


beezer said...

That Charlie Parker picture is unbelievable. All those pictures look great. Your colouring is at an all time high-point and your drawings become better suited to being coloured. Like if before a lot of it was black and white stuff thats been coloured it now looks like stuff that was conceived to be coloured, even if thats not the case. Can someone please give you a tv show?

beezer said...



Hurk said...

Cheers Beez, that's really nice of you. I did draw 'em specifically to be in colour but K-Draw gave me a photoshop hot-tip that has well helped me in the way i do. it.
That link is class, we gotta get on there...and i got a denim jacket at home that's crying out for a backpiece.

beezer said...

I'm gonna do one of my with my tiger costume standing on a pile of records in some urban environ. Its a decent way of getting a link to your shit and having a laugh.