Gone Show

The comixthing came and went and i wasn't as organised as previous years and i ended up getting there quite late, (lucky Jon and Leon were at the controls with some good stuff on the table) and it's true- there was some delay between arrival and remembering to put my comics out.
I managed to get a colour sketchbook comic called 'LIXO' done in time but i did'nt feel that into it this year and could'nt be bothered to really look around. I can't quite put my finger on why i don't enjoy these things anymore but the younger exhibitors seemed more enthusiatic than ever with all their merchandise, the badges, the t-shirts, the hats, the stickers, the posters, the canvases, and maybe some comics for sale.
On the plus-up, i did buy the latest REDEYE which is always a good read and a new FAMICON mini-comic which was well splendope!


beezer said...

What's the chances of a copy of LIXO finding its way to me? I got bare monies and I'm not afwaid to use them. That shit looks tastier than chocolate steak!

Gary Northfield said...

I agree with you about that exhibitor thing; I think that's why I gave it a miss this year and probably won't bother for a while going to comic shows. It's all gone a bit American SPX and in yer face. And maybe I'm getting a little older and the web/sticker/badge people are getting younger.

you got a new comic out then? Can I buy it please? I met up with Matt Abbiss and Jim McBride for a pint that afternoon and Jim has made a brilliant comic called "The Juggernaut Press- Not Golden", which you should definitely check out. I think Gosh bought 10 copies.

Hurk said...

I'll put you both a copy in your boxes at comics HQ, i'm calling it a comic but it is infact just a bunch of pictures, mainly heads.
Gary, i'll look out for Jim's new 'un when i'm in there. Did you go Angouleme this year? That's one i'd still like to visit.

gary said...

Cheers Hurk!
Yep, did Angouleme this year and it was great as always. They've moved the main tent to just outside the town, but there's buses every 5 minutes so it wasn't even a problem. You should check it out. Not everyone thought it was a great move though, but the social side of it was fantastic as always and it's such a pretty town rammed to the rafters with groovy cartoonists from all over the world, it never fails to be a memorable weekend break.